If Captain Planet wrote praise songs…

They might sound kind of like the one I just wrote.  Haha.  All through the Easter season, there’s been one piece of the communion liturgy at church that really stirs me up whenever I hear it:

“O God, you are Breath: send your Spirit on this meal. O God, you are Bread: feed us with yourself. O God, you are Wine: warm our hearts and make us one. O God, you are Fire: transform us with hope. O God most majestic, O God most motherly, O God our strength and our song, you show us a vision of a tree of life with fruits for all and leaves that heal the nations. Grant us such life, the life of the Father to the Son, the life of the Spirit of our risen Savior, life in you, now and forever. Amen.”

I think it’s such beautiful and moving imagery.  It’s a great reminder to always be on the lookout for God in all things, to catch glimpses of God’s spirit as it moves through the world with an infectious and mischievous delight, stirring our hearts up to love.  Anyhoo, once again, I found myself on a test day in class with a pen and a scrap of paper and words that began to flow through my brain.  This is what came out.  I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a great songwriter, but hope you enjoy it anyway.  The lyrics are also posted below.

You are wind,
Blowing through the lost places of this empire
Scattering the ashes of our burnt-out fire
Breathing fresh new life into a world so dead in sin
O God, you are wind.

You are water,
Drenching field and furrow with your gentle rain
You flow with hope and healing through this world of pain
Renewing all our lives as your adopted sons and daughters
O God, you are water.

You are earth,
Rich and black, the living rock on which we stand
Calling forth to life the seeds sown by your hand
The loving mother nurturing all her children from their birth
O God, you are earth.

You are fire
Burning brightly, you transform us day by day
Consuming fear and shame and showing us the way
Your spirit stirs us up to make your kingdom our desire
O God, you are fire.
O God, you are fire!

You are all, you are word and you are light
You are life, and you are justice, truth, and right
You are hope and you are peace
You are freedom and release
You are wisdom from above
And you are love, and you are love

You are love!
O God, you are love.
O God, you are love.
O God, you are love.

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