How to Love a Fat Woman

the ancient gods were hewn in stone
with bodies full and fleshy, prodigious
hips and pendulous breasts and bellies
swelling with fertility and earthful magic.
your goddess is a gift of flesh and feeling
warmth and softness like sun-ripe fruit;
do not excuse or overlook or let your gaze
slide past her voluptuous dimensions
but revel in the abundance of her body
and thank whatever gods you pray to
for granting you a seat at such a feast.
embody your hymns of praise to her
for votives of thought and speech and
every sweet intention will not suffice;
let your devotions be also of skin and salt
a worship of lips and hands hungry to
devour with eagerness her glorious flesh.
do not prostrate yourself before her altar
unless prepared to offer her your all;
and take heed that while it is indeed
a grievous sin to arrive empty-handed
to a sacred banquet such as this,
for one to leave this table thusly
is by far the greater transgression.



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